Honesty and Humor

My favorite line from my shortie

 I wouldn’t normally consider honesty or humor dangerous things, but in a world where people value perfection, every once in a while it can bite you in the ass. Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a morning interview with … Read more

I’m a Sucker for a Needy Cat (or Why You Can’t Leave Some People Unattended While You Pee)

I'm a sucker for a needy cat

Monday  It’s 8:30 at night and I’m still sitting outside on a hill with a flashlight. Because I’m a sucker. Also, because your entire day can go down the tubes, all due to the human need to empty one’s bladder. … Read more

Arranged Marriage.YEAH!

Arranged Marriage.YEAH!

*ArrangedMarriages.com The Dating Site for Parents of Adult Singles Still Living at Home Parent Name: Dean, Chris     Relationship: Mother Adult Single: Son                  Single’s Name: “Cousin Oliver” Age: early 20’s Brief Summary:  My boy is a wonderful young man! He’s smart, … Read more

How to Have Fun With…The Pregnant Years: Halloween Special

How to Have Fun With...The Pregnant Years: The Halloween Special

Lately I’ve noticed an alarmingly large number of people who don’t know how to have fun. They can’t grasp sarcasm, innuendos fly right over their heads, and fart humor holds no place in their lexicon. I wish I could buy … Read more