Come to the Pile Side, young Stacker!


I am a Piler, which differs from a Stacker, in that stacking insinuates things are in a neat, upright formation. Piles are more like the mashed potato sculpture from Close Encounters of the Third Kind – the piles may eventually … Read more

Apparently, it’s all my fault


This week has presented me with a ton of opportunities for personal growth. Seriously, y’all! I’ve learned that I have a lot to work on, seeing as how it’s my fault when… …Hubby turns the wrong way. Not because I … Read more

Is there such a thing as an Old Age Intervention?


I discovered this week that my overachieving self has apparently decided to skip middle age and make a bee-line into old. Of course, it couldn’t be just any ole kinda old, but the variety usually only witnessed in an 80 … Read more

Writing Process Blog Tour, part 2


OK, we all know I may quite possibly be the world’s WORST procrastinator! I don’t even have any excuses, other than it’s how I roll. A month ago, a blogger and friend that I respect the living hell out of, … Read more

Our relationship works because of the threats.


I’ve mentioned before that I live in a small town in Indiana. OK, it’s not exactly small, I wouldn’t even say it’s small-minded. It’s more like the inhabitants are 15 – 20 years behind the rest of the Country in their … Read more