Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of Chronic Illness

Happily ever after isn't the important thing - it's the living!

Yesterday I woke up in the achy throes of whatever creeping-crud virus one of the Offspring drug home. I figured the interwebs wouldn’t mind if I took the day off to hide in a blanket cocoon, eat cold medicine, and … Read more

I am my Mother (or Superman jammies, a flat tire & the Circle of Life)

Thank goodness I was already wearing my Superman fleece jammies...

This morning I’m awash in some not-exactly-fond memories of my Mom picking me up after my car broke down. She drove in like a teenager’s nightmare in her mismatched pajamas, bedhead, and 80’s denim coat. (You know, with the sparkly … Read more

This is why no one will ever put me on TV.

It's time for Coffee with Chris with her co-host, Edwina MacBad!

 “Ladies and gentlemen, straight from the comfort of her desk chair, it’s The Lady of Crazy, the Smartass with sass – it’s Chriiiiiiiiiisssss Dean!” *cue applause track and studio band music* Thank you! Let’s give it up for my amazing … Read more