Three weeks? PFFT! It’s NEVER to early to plan.


While everyone else is all about Easter and bunnies, my mind has already drifted three weeks into the future to land on the sweetness that is Mother’s Day. “WHY are you already thinking about that,” you ask? Because bunnies and … Read more

WTF Happened to the English Language!?!


  Dear Webster’s Dictionary, What the living hell happened!?! WHEN did I become so old that I needed my Offspring to translate for me? First it was the damn music. (It took me a full week to understand that the … Read more

shockingly unbrilliant in a bidet kinda way


  I woke up this morning with my brain in overdrive, Amazingly WONDEROUS things kept popping into my head, faster than the speed that coffee can brew.   I ran to the computer, feverishly typing before these nuggets of inspiration slipped through my … Read more

HANDY-SWIPES! (You’re welcome.)

handy swipes

 “Oh no, not AGAIN! All these germs…when will someone FINALLY come up with something to end the mis-swipe NIGHTMARES?”  Mis-swipe got you down? Do you dread making number two for fear of those unmentionable times when the paper simply moves? … Read more