I’m celebratin’ at Megsanity’s place today!


Today is a special day. Actually, it’s more like a Double Bonus Day. For starters, it’s ma B-Day! The second part of it’s awesomeness lies in the fact that I’m hangin’ out on Magsanity Women, psycology, and explicatives, with the A-MA-ZING … Read more

10 Ways Taking Prednisone Is Like Being Pregnant: When Crazy Meets Chemically Insane


Who among us hasn’t heard a woman say, “You’re a man! You can’t understand what it’s like to be pregnant.” Well, I think I’ve discovered a way they could; give them prednisone. I’ve ridden my fare share of pregnancy trains. … Read more

10 Reasons Why Country Life Beats City Livin’ (or Crickets, Tree Frogs and Four-Wheelers. Oh My!)

Waking up to Lunar Moths on our widow is a common thing 'round here

Saturday night, as Hubby and I were cuddling on the couch watching a little late night TV, we were forced to inch the volume up to hear over the sounds of a shotgun. And a four-wheeler. At 11:00 pm. And … Read more

Short Attention Span Classics Presents: Rome & Jules


We here at Sarcasm High would like to welcome you all to another school year and the countless opportunities it presents to expand our horizons. For the incoming Freshmen, this means an introduction to the Bard and one of his … Read more