The Confident Writer


 “I’m a writer.” There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Hell yeah it was! For the person uttering them, these four syllables come prepackaged with the hopes, fears, and dreams of creating something that someone, somewhere will actually want to … Read more

#tt The chickens’ll STILL get ya, if ya don’t watch out!


This morning, as I wandered the half-dark yard, filling the feed and water stations for the birds, I had a moment of panic over the sounds of distant peeping. Fortunately for my blood pressure, it turned out to be wild … Read more

How To Helicopter Parent Your College Student: A Circus in Three Rings


Yesterday was The Girl’s college orientation. She was terrified, excited, and anxious with a side helping of freaking out. But she went, she experienced it, and she conquered her own fears. On the parental front, Hubby and I were another … Read more

Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear calls you out.


One of the things I’m famous for telling my family (and anyone else unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time) is life is a series of trade-offs and pay-offs. It’s basically just an easier way … Read more

When easy ain’t so easy (Life gets political)


I have never been an overly political person. OK, that’s not entirely true. I AM an overly political chick, which is why I avoid politics like the freakin’ plague. The old saying about never discuss politics or religion in public? … Read more

the middle aged hairs on my chiny-chin-chin


Chin hairs. I’ve read all the crap about hormonal changes, genetics and all the other explanations as to why, sometime in your thirties, the little bastards begin popping up. Personally, I believe they’re Nature’s way of laughing at your midlife … Read more