WTF Happened to the English Language!?!


  Dear Webster’s Dictionary, What the living hell happened!?! WHEN did I become so old that I needed my Offspring to translate for me? First it was the damn music. (It took me a full week to understand that the … Read more

shockingly unbrilliant in a bidet kinda way


  I woke up this morning with my brain in overdrive, Amazingly WONDEROUS things kept popping into my head, faster than the speed that coffee can brew.   I ran to the computer, feverishly typing before these nuggets of inspiration slipped through my … Read more

HANDY-SWIPES! (You’re welcome.)

handy swipes

 “Oh no, not AGAIN! All these germs…when will someone FINALLY come up with something to end the mis-swipe NIGHTMARES?”  Mis-swipe got you down? Do you dread making number two for fear of those unmentionable times when the paper simply moves? … Read more