Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Misspellings And Inquiring Minds

 “Holy monkey-meat, Batman! Looks like she’s winding up for another rant…I think she’s gonna blow!”
 “Quick, Robin! To the Batcave!”
 (insert uncontrollable laughter here)  No…really…I’m not gonna rant again. Promise! I just have a question I’ve been rolling around in my head like the mud balls my Mom used to yell at me to put down and go wash my hands. (I just haven’t figured out how to “put it down” and go wash my brain yet…)
My daughter and I made our own
Awareness Bracelts. Good fun and
 How do you know when you need to go to the Docs? How do you figure out when you’re actually “sick” in the everyday way, when it’s a new symptom, or just something to ignore and wait for it to go away? (Keep in mind, I’m still new to this “illness” thing!)
 Sunday I woke up with these “things” under my jaw…me thinks they’re my saliva glands, but I suppose they could be lymph nodes. Any-who…Monday I called the Doc, since they were still the size of jawbreakers and not so painful that Vicodin couldn’t make me forget about them, but still annoyingly making their presence known. I was informed they could “squeeze me in” in four days’ time…
 Now I know I’m NOT the only sick person in town (the news is full of some new virus currently sweeping the State) but…four days? I politely told the nice lady, “No thanks.” Then sat down to wonder…is this REALLY something I need to worry about? Should I call the Rheumy and tell her all about it, especially since she suspects an overlap of Sjogren's? Or am I being a “Chicken Little” and worrying about nothing?
 My body has also begun this annoying habit of playing with the thermostat. I get the chills (temp was 97.4) then I turn around and spike a fever of a degree or so. Combine that with the fact that my blood pressure has begun spiking in the evenings…(WTF?) Of course, none of these are things that hang around for long (except the jawbreakers under my chin) so they’d never show up at an appointment…

 Yes, I’m keeping a journal of all this weirdness…but should I call? Is it worth the hassle of harassing someone until I get an appointment…just to read them a hand-written account of systemic-acrobatics? Inquiring minds want to know!
 I tell you what…this being sick crap is stressful! There’s just so much to think about and figure out…too much responsibility! “Excuse me, sir. Is it too late to take that other road? You know…the one everyone travels? I think I’ve changed my mind about this whole “character building” angle…”
Got Spoos?
 Just to switch gears to a less complicated note…I discovered that, as long as I go slow and hold it at eye level (an inch away from the tip of my nose) I can still cross stitch! Score 1 for the crafter! So…since I have this pathological need to personalize EVERYTHING I own, I had this brilliant idea to stitch an Awareness Ribbon with a spoon (who doesn’t LOVE “The Spoon Theory”?) onto a new hoodie. Remember, I AM the Hoodie Queen!
 Drew up the pattern…no problem! Stitched it on the hoodie…no problem! If I do say so myself, it looked awesome! I was so proud…*sniff* Showed it my daughter for appropriate props from the offspring at their Mother’s mad thread skills…”Hey Mom, didn’t you mean for it to say “Spoons”?” (Slowly turn my masterpiece to face me) Damn it! Under my beautiful ribbon it reads, “Got Spoos?”
I even misspelled the pattern!
 Hello brain fog, you illiterate idiot! I guess from now on, my patterns are gonna require proof-reading. *sigh*


  1. ha ha - I love the new creative spelling of spoons. You may have started a new trend. I don't know what to tell you on the doctor thing. I'd keep a lot of notes, then maybe get an appointment for a couple of weeks out and ask him a lot of questions.

    1. LOL! My daughter keeps telling me I need to leave it, that way if anyone notices and asks I can "educate" them...still thinking it'll have to get "fixed".