Friday, April 13, 2012

It's So Flufffy, I'm Gonna Die!

Friday April 13: 10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without. Write a list of the 10 things you need (or love) most.

 Day 13- Good morning! I’m pleased to say this morning I am as coherent as it gets for me and my pancreas is workin’ like a pro! (Whoop! Whoop!) So…on to this morning’s prompt, which is PERFECT for the Friday Top Ten! (Thanks guys!), I won’t give you a long preamble this morning…

  Just for the added element of surprise I’ll just jump right in!
                                              Top Ten Things I couldn’t Live Without
My crazy, awesome family!
1)       This is definitely THE most important…that which if all else fell away, would be the ONE thing I couldn’t live without…my family. These guys put up with me daily, cheer me up when I’m in a funk, support me through all the appointments and tests, and play “revolving meds” with me. (There are post-its everywhere reminding me to take meds. *grin*)
       My hubby is my rock and the heart of my strength. My daughter is my walking memory bank  and my partner in crime. My sons are the jesters-in-training, contributing to and participating in my nutty antics. These guys ROCK!
2)       Laughter! I swear, if it wasn’t for the ability to laugh at myself and the shared laughter of those around me, I would have lost what little sanity I have left. (Now THAT’S a scary thought!) Music may be the food of love, but laughter is the food of life…so laugh on!

3)       My faith. Now…I know I’ve never really discussed my faith here before (don’t worry…I’m not really starting now…ya know, religion and politics. *grin*) but I am a very spiritual person. I find comfort in my beliefs. I find strength in the words and teachings of other spiritual people. And I’d like to believe it makes me a better person. (Enough said.)

4)       Community. Yes, even we self-professed “lone wolf” types need a sense of community in our lives. Some are lucky enough to live in an area where there are other like-minded individuals or support groups and we can meet in person. Others (like yours truly) live in the small-town sticks where we’re pretty much on our own…and we turn to an on-line community for support. (That’s you, by the way!) Either way…I couldn’t live without it!

5)       Docs. Love ‘em…hate ‘em…I NEED them! Despite all my faith, my immune system refuses to spontaneously heal itself. *sigh* That’s where my bestest-buddy/arch-nemesis comes in…These are the folks that know what to do, when to do it, and what meds help it do-its-thang. OK…that’s about all positive stuff I can think to say for now, so I’ll move on. *grin*

6)       Meds, surgeries, and various treatments. I know, I know…another love/hate relationship. But it’s true, I couldn’t function through the pain without pain meds. My digestive tract would go into hibernation without certain meds to wake it up. (Kinda like coffee for your colon!) I more than likely wouldn’t be here without certain surgeries I’ve had in the past. As much as I HATE taking pills, until they find an ultimate cure, it’s a necessary evil…and one I am thankful for!

7)       Music. Music. Music. (I thought about cheating and making it #7, #8, and #9…but for once I thought I’d try to follow the rules…SHOCKING!) Without music, I would slowly curl into a fetal ball and cease to exist! It sooths my soul when I’m heart-sick, it floats me a smile when I’m less than “peppy,” and it gives my dreams wings. It speaks for me when I can’t find the right words, tells the stories that need to be remembered, and expresses every emotion known to man. It’s my best and favorite therapy.

Freckles when he was a "baby."
How can you not love that face!
8)       Critters. I LOVE my critters! The furry ones, the feathered ones, and occasionally the scaly ones. From the cats that curl up on my belly and share a nap to the dogs that steal my favorite pillow…I cannot argue with all the “healing” qualities of pets. (Although, I do think the healing qualities of poultry has been overlooked!)

9)       Artsy-craftsy stuff. In my former, fully-functional-hands life I was an obsessive crafter. I knit, carved, painted, crocheted, spun, etched, and sculpted. I never sat without something in my hands…usually making one heck of a mess!

One of my fun projects...
I wrote in pills, took a pic, then
colored it with crayons!
 For almost a year, I let that part of my life go…thinking my crafting days were down the tubes along with hands that played nice. Then I realized that all I really needed was to find a new way of expressing my artsy side…I’ve recently started mucking around with what I think of as “chronic art.” A fun way I can still be creative and express myself…AND I get to use crayons!

10)    My mini! I could not survive without my mini notebook. Most days I can’t hold a pencil…but I can still type with four fingers. I can fill her memory banks with music, pictures, and saved files. I can fit her in my purse and take her anywhere! (Like the outpatient waiting room…) I can take pics with her webcam. I can cuss at her and threaten to rip out her RAM and still…she’s loyal. *techno-impaired grin*

 So there you have it…ten things I couldn’t live without. What about you? What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?

 Here’s hoping your day is full of lots of friends, laughter, music, and you find a way to express yourself AND make a huge mess in the process! (I'm thinking about taking up "mud-art"...)

*The title has nothing to do with anything...except maybe the just amused me!