Friday, September 14, 2012

My Kind Of Peoples

  Good morning! Here it is, Friday once more.  I swear, some weeks seem like they’ll never end while others seem to fly by in a blur.  I’m not sure how you’d classify this one. Maybe stop motion animation during filming?
The evil Gnome that's
been beating me up
while I sleep!
  However you view it, it’s Top Ten list time. This week I thought I’d do something a little different…
  I’m TOTALLY lovin’ the cooler weather we’re having, but I’m NOT lovin’ the effects it’s having on the ole bod. I think the stupid Gnome has been using a brick bat to beat the shnikies outta me in my sleep! (And I know from comments and messages that I’m sadly not alone in this.) While chillin’ on the couch, I’ve needed things to keep me laughing this week and I thought I’d share them with you!
  So here it is, Friday’s Top Ten list of things that put a smile on my face when my body is doing everything it can to steal it away!
     Top Ten Things That Keep Me Smiling:
 1)        I found this young man through a forward from a friend. He is one of the most positive, upbeat people I’ve come across and he does his part to make the world a better place by sharing that attitude with others. His page, “People With Disabilities Rock” is a treasure trove of things to make you think and smile.

It may end with the world but, has to start with an individual.
  My favorite quote of his is just the perfect example, “Being happy isn't about being happy 24/7 because that's just not real. We all have our ups and downs and at times things simply suck. It’s about realizing how lucky we are just to be alive and finding purpose and passion in our struggles instead of resentment, insecurity and unhappiness.” (How AWESOME is that?)   

2)        A wonderful woman named Meleah, that I’m lucky enough to call friend, posted Goodbye, Summer-2012 on her blog “Momma Mia, Mea Culpa,” which included a video montage.  I guarantee, you CANNOT watch this without smiling. The adorable little guy dancing (her nephew) is the cutest darned thing EVER!

3)        WEGO Health is sponsoring “Health Activist Inspiration Month” all month long. Their Facebook page features tons of daily links to amazing blogs and their Health Blog is featuring guest posts by activists about what keeps them inspired. (Shameless plug, I wrote on of the guest posts!)
  They’re also helping spread the love for “Invisible Illness Awareness Week” going on now through September 16th. 
4, 5 & 6)        (This on is gonna count for three since it features three awesome writers!) Boobs. (There, I said it!) Breastacles are ALWAYS good for a laugh and this week I was NOT disappointed! Bev at “Black Ink Paperie,” Terri at “Workin’ With What I’ve Got,” and June at “The Neurosis Files” all featured HIL-A-RI-OUS posts featuring these amazing gadgets.
  Bev’s Keeping You Abreast where she appears to be sharing her “endowments” past her daughter’s comfort level, Terri’s Buoyancy about an after dark swim, and June’s two part post Swim, Charlie! Swim!”  and Charlie: The Conclusion will have you rooting for a turtle left in the care of a clueless woman possessing huge gazongas.

7)        Earlier in the week, Suzanne M. asked me if I would create The Sleep Thief, since I already had the Pink Chicken of Happiness and The Evil Gnome. Sure! No Problem! So, without further ado, I give you The Sleep Thief!
  Her name is Nocturna. She’s wearing itchy, wool gloves which she uses to make your friggin’ legs or the middle of your back (ya know, right where you can’t reach it) itch to the point that you cannot fall asleep! Her adorable boots echo up and down the hall, “Ga-lop! Ga-lop!” waking you up EVERY TIME you start to drift off. Her cute little wand? Yeah, well…instead of sprinkling magical sand to send you off to dreamland, they sprinkle the gritty, eye-gunky kind that makes it impossible to keep your eyes CLOSED!
  Yes, this cutie-pa-tootie just wants to play and thinks you need to stay up ALL NIGHT to play with her!

8)        A few weeks ago I found another new blog “The Incredible Bitch” that I immediately fell head over high heels for. This woman has so many amazing words of wisdom, encased in serious humor and all while reclaiming the word “Bitch” for womankind everywhere!

9)        (Warning: More shameless promotion!) The new “Life Your Way!” Facebook page has me smiling quite a bit! Not because I needed an ego boost, but because I LOVE “meeting” the folks who pop by here.
  Every morning I’ve been posting the song I was listened to while I wrote that day’s post and yesterday an awesome friend posted her own link! (Yes, I’m hoping the sharing of tuneage catches on. I LOVE finding new artists hubby can fuss at me for downloading. *grin*)

And finally…
10)        A few posts back in “Mom-Hands” I mentioned that my "new life" had allowed me to find my Clan, the Clan of the Crazy Laughing People. There have been so many times this past week when I’ve seen or read something that made my brain yell, “Another of my Peoples!” So, in honor of meeting so many of y’all, I created a sort-of Badge. (I say sort-of because I don’t do html, which seems to be what denotes the difference between a badge and a small picture. *grin*)
  So, this is for all of you everywhere who are Crazy Laughing People! If you like it, feel free to stick it where ever you like, or just point and laugh. It put a huge smile on my face to make it! (And smiles? Are always good!)

  There you have it folks! Ten things to make you smile this Friday, no matter what else may or may not be going on in your neck of the woods. Hopefully, you’ll find something completely giggle-worthy to start your weekend off right!

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