Friday, November 30, 2012

Da Finish Line!!!

  Good morning! Guess what? We did it! It’s Day 30 of the WEGO NHBPM! (Doin’ tha lop-sided happy dance!)

  The last prompt of the month is *drum roll with lots of feeling*Recap NHBPM” or “Write about why you’re awesome.” WOW! What a choice there! *giggle snort*

  How about I do another combo? And ya guys just know since it’s Friday I’ve gotta do this in the form of a Top 10 list, Right?

     Top Ten WEGO Moments of Complete Awesome-And-Un-Ness:

     1) AWESOME! I discovered so many new blogs that I need to just swear-off sleep to read them all! This right here is the official Facebook Events Page where you can find all the links and posts and Mutual Admiration Society comments. (I think this will probably work. I guarantee nothing, seeing as I am completely Tech-impaired. But you knew that already, didn’t ya?)
       It really was a BEAUTIFUL thing!

     2) UNawesome. I discovered just how much of a moron I REALLY was by signing up for the NHBPM, BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo, and the NaNoWriMo challenge! (This last one? Was where you write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. What the living heck was I THINKING!?!)

     3) AWESOME! With this post, I will have actually managed to complete all three!!!!!!
       Also completely AWESOME? Meleah also participated in NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo, Lynne NaNoWriMo, Karen NaBloPoMo and NHBPM, Jen NHBPM, Kate NaBloPoMo CONGRATS you crazy writing Ladies! WHOOP! WHOOP!
       Anyone else I missed that's as crazy as us?

     4) UNawesome. During our trip to visit with hubby’s family, I learned his completely WONDERFUL Uncle has been living with painful neuropathy from the knees down for years and the Docs are still unable to pin down a cause or a fix.
       This combined with several others from our little family here who are also riding on their own Medical-Go-Rounds are what inspired the whole Ghost of Seuss and Dear Santa… posts and my dream of a Diagnostic Wonderland where shiz-nit actually gets diagnosed and friggin’ FIXED! (Oh yeah, and all for free. Hey, if a girl’s gonna dream, let her at least dream big!)

     5) AWESOME! Bonbon Break Magazine is actually gonna run the Ghost Of Seuss in their online magazine! How flippin’ cool is that!?!
       And no, it’s not cool in regards to my quest for World Media Domination (although it is a step in the right direction. *grin*) It’s cool because it’s ALWAYS cool to share a dream with others. You know, like if it spreads like a happy-dream-virus then maybe one day it’ll really happen? (Again, if a girl’s gonna dream, at least let her dream big!)

     6) UNawesome. I am the world’s WORST procrastinator!
       I’m also a total idiot sometimes. For instance, NEVER fill out medical questionnaires when you’re running on no sleep and you missed nap time. Otherwise you may end up answering questions like “Describe how often you use medical aids listed above.” with answers like, “Cane- When I walk.” (Smart ass? Maybe…) Or (this one’s my fave, by the way) “How well do you deal with stress?” with “Considering I’m taking medication for anxiety, probably not that well.”
       (Please, don’t ask if this REALLY happened because I REALLY don’t want to confess to anything so flippin’ STUPID! *grin*)

     7) AWESOME! Karen not only nominated me for a WEGO Health Activist Award, the nut wrote a whole post about it!
       Ya know, I love this chick and not just because she said nice things about me! (Although, that probably didn’t hurt!)
       Also? Kate wrote a post honoring me with an award and saying a whole lot of seriously nice things about me! (And sweetie, I WILL get around to passing it on just as soon as I take a three day nap the fist week of December!)

     8) AWESOME! I nominated my favorite Health Activists for WEGO Awards. (I did this anonymously, but here's a hint. They're all listed on the Blog-A-Rama page. So I guess you'll have to check ALL the blogs out. HA!)
       It would be totally sweet if you guys could pass on the love and nominate a few (or a TON) of yours as well! Plus? Do it today and you’ll be entered for a $250 cash prize! (Also? It’d make WEGO awfully happy and then they’d quit sending me all these sad sounding e-mails asking me to force people to nominate at blog-point and we can all spare each other the embarrassment of implied violence by blog and we will still be able to look each other in the eyes with out heads held high and walk in the Sun together holding hands and singing songs of joy and I should probably stop now before this get any further out of hand. *deep intake of breath* Thanks!)

     9) AWESOME! I made it through the month without anyone in little white coats showing up at my door to cart me off! (Which may just mean the right…or wrong…people haven’t read this yet, but hey! There’s still time, right?)

     10) AWESOME! This one’s for you! What was your favorite part of this wonderful insanity called NHBPM? What was your “PLEASE! Don’t EVER do that again!” part?

  Thanks for sticking it out with me and now? I’m gonna go friggin’ SLEEP! Much love guys!!!!!!