Duck, ‘Cause I’m Gushin’ All Over!

  Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving for all of you awesome folks living in areas where it’s celebrated. For the rest of you? Happy Thanksgiving anyway!!! (I’ll do my darnedest to eat enough turkey for all of you too! *grin*)
Yes, the challenge continues even through the Holiday. But today’s prompt is EASY! “Thanks post. Write about what you’re thankful for!”

  In the past twelve months, I have found SO much to be thankful for! I am thankful for my family that puts up with my insanity and plastering our lives all over this here blog thing for the rest of the World to see (and that they don’t a) kill me in my sleep or b) lock up all the computers!) Their love is what keeps me going no matter what!
  I am thankful for all of you guys who have stuck around and brought so much love, laughter, and community to my life! I am constantly in awe at the size of your hearts and your capacity to support each other (and me, since it IS all about me, ya know! *giggle-snort*) Thank you from the bottom of my twisted, little heart!!!

This one’s for Bev who never knew love for a rooster,
but has a soft spot for turkeys! (You’re welcome! *grin*)

  Lastly, I am actually thankful for the internet! (I NEVER thought I would EVER say that!) Why, you ask? Because without it, I never would have been able to find so many others out there just as kooky as I am to share (or over-share, if you like) my life and a few good giggles with. Because of this amazing tool, I can laugh with people on the other side of the flippin’ WORLD!
Right this minute, I’m thankful that I woke up early enough to get all the baking done before it’s actually time to eat this afternoon. *grin* After all, I DO need to factor time in for all the stuff I’m gonna end up dropping on the floor, the fact that I’ll cut myself at least once, and I’ll forget to add eggs to something and be forced to start over! (Or, ya know…maybe substitute bacon grease? *falls out of chair in a fit of giggles*)

  So, go hug someone you love, eat, drink, be merry and know that wherever you’re at today, whatever you are or aren’t celebrating, I am thankful you’re around to share this crazy trip through life with me! *HUGE HUGS*

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