Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sorry Santa. Geuss You Shoulda Brought The Dragon!

  WARNING: If you are sickened by excessive excitement and hearing about happy-crappy stuff, look away now! That is all.

  I was gonna veer away from today’s prompt and go all renegade, but when I thought about it, I decided I could actually make it work! (HA!) Today’s brain-tickler is “Write about how you choose to write about others in your blog. (Friends, family, etc.)”

  Since I generally write about EVERYTHING that crosses my path in my obscure corner of the world, I add the peoples who are the “players” on the “stage” of my life. I generally don’t mention names unless it’s another blogger and I can earn brownie-points by pointing folks to their sites. *cheesy grin*

  And today…well, something AMAZING happened last night and the “player” has asked to remain anonymous. So for the sake of my extreme giddiness, we shall call them The Mysterious Big-Heart.

  A while back I was convinced by Big-Heart to join a site called BlogHer. They said it would be good for increasing traffic to my bloggie. SO, against my better judgment, I did.

  Why my better judgment, you ask? Because I’m not exactly what you’d think to find on that site. I mean, I’m not your standard “Mom-blog” and I’m not a hard-hitting Political blogger. I’m not even the type of Health or Humor blog you’d think to see. Truth be told, I’m just out-and-out crazy! But…there was a darn good reason for me to take the plunge and go for it.

  You see, I kinda figured that if I REALLY wanted to increase awareness and spread a modicum of well-hidden education about chronic illnesses, then I might wanna step outside the “chronic community.” After all, most of us are pretty AWARE of the whole kit-and-caboodle. (There’s an old-timey turn of phrase for ya!)

  I won’t lie, since I did the deed, I’ve had a few mixed feeling about the whole affair. (And by "mixed feelings" I mean the whole "stepping outside of my comfort zone scares the schnikies outta me!) But, all in all, it’s been an interesting experience. And being the nut-job I am, I’ve been curious about the whole Convention side of things.

  I mean really, there are tons of blogs I read that the authors belong to BlogHer and attend the Convention. How amazing would it be to go, meet all these awesome people, and plaster the place wall-to-wall with my over-the-top brand of awareness!?! (Picture me in a Super Slug or Medical Mystery Club hoodie!)

  But…the financial side of reality can be a World-Class bee-yatch. So ya figure, there’s always next year or the year after. Honestly, I hadn’t even looked at any of the info about the ‘13 gathering because I figured there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in a BBQ that I’d be able to scrape anything together before the registration deadline.

  Enter Big-Heart. Last night I received the shock of my year in the form of a message:

     “Chris Dean, I believe in your writing so much
     that I have bought you a pass to BlogHer '13.
     I have also booked our hotel room at the Sheraton.
     We will figure out some ways to make money to help
     pay for the trip if you are able to help with costs,
     but for now, it is on my dime…don't worry about
     the costs other than just getting there and getting home…
     You need to go. I just feel like it is the right time for
     both of us and it would benefit us greatly, so I intend
     to make it happen… We deserve this trip.”

  HOLY MONKEYS KISSING FAT BABIES!!!! I was/am SPEECHLESS!!! (And THAT is NO easy feat! Just ask the hubby.)

  Because of the amazing kindness of a person I’ve never actually met, I am being given the opportunity of my lifetime! And ya know what? I cannot thank Big-Heart enough!

  I figure I may not exactly be the “average” Mom-blog, Health blog, Humor blog, or anything else for that matter. But, I’m gonna do an ABOVE average job of making sure everyone I meet knows who I am and, more importantly, WHY I write!

  So pardon the lop-sided happy-dance and my random giggle-snorts, but it is SO not my fault today!

*the above post was written in its entirety while the weirdo who types it was bouncing uncontrollably in her chair and swinging her feet like a three year old after WAY too much sugar and Red Dye #3*

PS  Sorry Santa, someone else is getting your milk and cookies this year! (See, you should have brought me that Dragon when I was 6!)

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