Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm Sorry I Insulted The 7" Blizzard!

Meet Nubbs, the Sock
Monkey hat.

   Good morning! Evidently one of the Weather Gods reads this here blog, since outside it has taken offense at my poking fun at our seven inch Blizzard and the snow is back for another round. At least no one has to work today, so that’s a travel worry off the mind.

(Update: The Oldest JUST arrived home from work to inform me he tried to park on our hilly drive only to have his car slide back 10 freakin' feet!!! Holy monkey-meat on a Ritz cracker with Cheeze Whiz! Me thinks we're snowed in again. *sigh*)

    I don’t know about you, but the week between the 25th and New Years always seems to be a kind of Limbo for me. I think, I plan, I sleep and over eat. But that’s about as productive as it gets. (OK, and maybe go a bit stir crazy…OH I am SO there!)

  This Limbo state may be a contributing factor to the distinct lack of humor this week. I mean, how funny can it get when you don’t leave the couch? I haven’t even managed to walk into anything (much) this week.

  OK, there was the trip to pick The Girl up from work that involved the uttered phrases, “Go ahead, lick me,” and “Don’t make me go all white trash with my cane. I’ve watched Springer so I got skills like that!” But aside from that, it’s been a pretty tame week. *grin*

  I did do ONE thing yesterday that was kinda fun…thanks to our resident (REALLY quiet) Knitting Goddess Chrissy, I was inspired to pick the needles back up for the FIRST TIME this year.

  I used the wrong sized needles and the wrong yarn for my masterpiece but hey, who’s keeping track anyway. *innocent grin* I found a freakin’ hilarious pattern on Knitty and created *drum roll please* Nubbs, the Sock Monkey hat! (Who still needs to be washed and blocked. But that’s work so, ya know, it can wait…)

  How about you guys? How do you spend your in-between week? What are your plans for the New Year? Any big resolutions you’ll need a cheering section for?

  (And thanks again for the inspiration, Chrissy. You quietly rock!)

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