Monday, December 24, 2012

Insanity And Fun!

  Good morning! Holy cow, but the anticipation is running HIGH this morning!

  Tomorrow is a big day for tons of folks and today is last minute shopping day. And ya know what? Hubby and I will be out in the insanity!

  It happens to be our family tradition to put off present-search until the 24th. That way? Half of what we’re looking for is sold out and we’re left desperately searching for something else they’ll like but didn’t ask for. GOOD TIMES!

From a few years back...
The Girl, my Dad, The Oldest, me,
and The Middle Son.
It's what it's all about!
  But tonight? Is my favorite part of the whole Season. Tonight we’ll lock ourselves in our bedroom…and wrap the gifts. (What’d ya think I was gonna say? Pervert!) Hubby and I will create a scene of chaos only rivaled by movies depicting Armageddon. The only difference will be that ours will be made of wrapping paper scraps, empty tape dispensers and receipts instead of buildings and bodies.

  Then we’ll put out a tray of cheese and cold cuts with tons of crackers. At 7:00 (or maybe 8:00, I still can’t figure out stupid Daylight Savings Time!) we’ll turn to our yearly “A Christmas Story” marathon. By this point, EVERYONE in the family can quote the entire movie from memory, but that’s not the point. It’s the laughter and competition to be the first one to shout, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”

How the 24th ends...
Kids (and me) snoozing on
couches after repeated viewings
of "A Chrismas Story."
Good Times!!!
  Sometimes friends pop in to have a glass of Sangria punch, sometimes it’s just us. Whether we’re “hosting” or just “hanging,” the purpose is always the same…to laugh and enjoy the time with those we love!

  I would LOVE to hear your about your families’ traditions for the Holidays, no matter which one you celebrate!

  And in case we don’t get a chance to “chat” tomorrow, may all of you and your families have the HAPPIEST, most AMAZING, pain-free of Holidays!!!!!!!!

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