Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sharing And Shout-Outs

  Good morning! This officially begins the countdown to C-Day in the shopping world and can I just say? People are freakin’ INSANE!

  All I wanted was a requested pack of beer for the hubby and a 12 pack of my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper. Oh yeah, and dog food. That was IT! It took me almost 45 minutes to retrieve said items and make it out of the store alive.

  I cannot count the number of times I was lapped by older folks with driving their carts like the Indy 500. I repeatedly found myself squished up against racks of clothing so impatient, LOUDLY sighing peoples could get past me.

  And just TRY smiling at people and see what happens. They probably all thought I was stoned out of my gourd. Which, for the record, I was NOT! Nothing but Advil and caffeine were coursing through my brain.

  I found myself, oddly enough, laughing at all the nuttiness running amok around me. (Dang, but that’s a fun word to say! Amok amok amok…) I guess to my way of thinking, it should be a Season to slow down, take in, and fully appreciate all the wonder and beauty in our lives and you guys are definitely a large part of that!

  And speaking of you guys, has anyone seen or heard from Lynne? I SO HOPE it’s the craziness of the time of year that’s causing her absence and not a health thing. LYNNE, WE MISS YOU! *grin*

  Also it would be great if you could send happy healing vibes Meleah’s way. She’s stuck in the Fortress of Solitude (hospital) with a REALLY nasty flare right now. *sigh*

  If you need a HUGE laugh to help you recover from a shopping-related trauma, try Terri’s post from yesterday, “IBS- the holiday gift that hangs out in the large intestine for awhile before it arrives,” Christina's "The Jacuzzi Bubble Bath Lesson," or Cindy's "Jane, you ignorant (finish it if you know it)." I was laughing so hard with these, I woke half the house!

  Or if you want a beautiful Holiday story to make your heart all warm and glowy, Bev’s “sally the christmas horse” and Lisa’s “Finding Marty” are both amazingly awesome! (I am not ashamed to admit I cried. But in a good way, so it’s a compliment. *grin*)

  There’s a warm fire burning in the cast-iron stove downstairs, mellow Holiday tuneage in my ears, MORE coffee brewing on the stove, and hubby’s off work for the next 11 days. I flat-out refuse to waste a second rushing and making myself all cranky-like. Instead, I’m gonna do my darnedest to slow my roll and savor the happy vibes of the season.

  I hope each and every one of you are able to do the same, no matter what you’re celebrating! Oh, and since it's the season to share, if you've read (or written!) any awesome posts, PLEASE share them with all of us in the comments thingy. Becasue...sharing is caring! (Hey, you HAD to have seen THAT one coming!)