Saturday, January 19, 2013

Burning Out A Fuse And Hair Is Long

  Good morning! “Hold me closer Tony Danza and count the headlights on the highway. Lay me down in sheets of leather. You had a busy day today…”
  Yes, these are too the words. (I’ve been singing them along with the radio for years so I KNOW they’re right!) And all I can say is, if Tony Danza likes leather sheets he’s a pretty darned kinky guy! Another thing, how uncomfortable would it be to sleep (or do ANYTHING for that matter) on sheets of leather? I mean, if leather seats in cars are bad, what kind of bum-stickage would sheets cause?

John performing 1975
  Ya know now that I think about it, it might not be Tony Danza that’s a bit odd, it’s probably Elton John. Just listen to Benny and the Jets. “She’s got electric boobs, I love her boobs. Ya know I read it in a magazine…” Who, I ask you, has electric boobs, why would you want them, and what purpose would they serve!?!

  Maybe the answer lies in some seriously secret code in Rocket Man when he says, “Rocket man, burning out a fuse and hair is long.” WHAT is he trying to tell us, because I KNOW he had short hair when he wrote this and what the heck-y does a burnt out fuse have to do with anything.*sigh*

  It’s probably a darned good thing I can’t drink anymore. Because it’s lookin’ like tonight would be the PERFECT time for some drunken Elton John Karaoke with MY lyrics.

  Why yes, I have taken my morning meds. Why do you ask?