Sunday, January 13, 2013

Google Proclaims It So!

  Good morning! Now, I think I’ve got a fairly “good” sense of humor. (REALLY!) But even I have got to have some limits. (Stop laughing!)
  So, today I’m going to do something completely WRONG in order to exact my revenge on all the knuckle-draggers out there who are making me feel more than a bit “dirty” and NOT in a good way. (Ah, come one. You know what I mean guys!)

  You see, when I’m stymied about what to write, I do stupid things like meander back to the Stats page. Then I have giggle fits over what I find. Then The Girl asks what I’m laughing about. Then she makes statements like, “Geeze, Mom. If it wasn’t for the perverts, you wouldn’t have any traffic at all!”

  Yes, it would appear Google has spoken about what sort of establishment I’m runnin’ here so…

  I’d like you to meet Jillian, January’s Centerfold for Naked Chick Monthly.

  As you can tell, Jillian was more than a bit nervous and embarrassed at the beginning of our photo shoot. After all, “naked” is not a normal state for a chicken to be in.

  Eventually she began to relax, even showing her playful side!

  When asked what her least favorite body part was, she replied, “I guess I'd have to say it's my breasts. Tyson convinced me to have them enlarged a few years ago. They thought it’d be good for the sales of their new boneless breast filets. They’ve just never looked right to me.”

  Well Jillian, you can stop worrying because they look tender and juicy to us!

  After a fun-filled day with out Staff Photographer, Jillian finally let down her guard and decided to blow you all a good-bye kiss!

  Thanks for this opportunity to step out of “myself” and show a side no one’s ever seen before!

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