Thursday, January 17, 2013

Remember Who YOU Are

  Good morning! A few weeks ago I read this beautiful post on “Workin’ With What I’ve Got.” When I went back to read new comments (which I could’ve subscribed to, but I didn‘t so let‘s just move on. OK? Thanks.), it was GONE! (What the hellz, Terri!?!) So I can’t point you to it, but I can tell you it got me to thinking and pretty much is responsible for inspiring today’s deep thoughts. *grin*

  I have a tiny braid in my hair. That in and of itself really doesn’t mean anything except to show I know how to braid short hair. (Yay me!) But I promise, there is a point here.

  The thing about this tiny braid? I can’t wash my hair, comb it, run my fingers through it, or even scratch my head without being reminded it’s there. And being reminded IS the point.

  When I first added the tiny braid to my rockin’ hair style, I was in the throws of a minor identity crisis. I was allowing myself to be slammed from every side with other’s expectations, sucky health, and the general pressures I put on myself. “Me” got lost in all the shuffle for a brief time.

  One morning as I was showering, it occurred to me that I had completely forgotten who I was! After all the drying, lotioning, and dressing was done I selected a hidden chunk of hair and started braiding, all the while singing a little childish song with every criss-cross I made with my unnaturally red locks, “Remember who you are.”

  Now, every time my fingers brush the thing or my dumb arse catches a comb in it, my mind sing-songs, “Remember who you are.”

  As silly as this sounds, I needed it. Why? Because it’s far too easy to get lost in the haze of, “I am pain.” or, “I am my illness.” or even, “I am afraid.”

  The fact is, I am NONE of those things! I may FEEL afraid or achey and I may HAVE an illness and they may all be parts of what makes me who I am, but none of those things define me. And I SO needed to have that point reiterated.

  In the last month I have written about those parts of myself, the pain and illness and the anger. But, have I remembered to shout out that these things do NOT define me? I’m not sure…

  Just in case I didn’t, I’ll do it now. *grin*

    There are so many facets to me that I can’t (and won’t) even try to tick them all off. I’ll just say that I am like a huge, beautiful emerald (‘cause I dig green and saying a huge, green diamond would just be silly). I sparkle, I flash and occasionally dazzle, but there are a few chips and cracks there too, but all the imperfections just add to my uniqueness. (Yeah, I know if I really were a gemstone they’d detract from the overall value, but this is an analogy peoples. GEEZE!)

  I know quite a few of you are currently doin’ battle with your own bodies and/or “demons.” And that? Sucks moldy gouda cheese with toe jam on rosemary and garlic Triscuits! Just try, in the middle of all the internal chaos, to remember that whatever “monkey” is riding piggy-back, that these things may be part of you, but they don’t define YOU.

  There’s a game making the rounds on Facebook (which just for the record, I HATE those things with all the cutting and the pasting and the posting. So for those of you who are doin’ it, don’t take it personally when I fail to comply.)

  As I was saying, there’s a game making its way around Facebook. You post one word that describes you, then ideally you cut and paste the message to let your buddy know you read their updates and love them and all that jazz. IF I played, my one word would be Quirky. (Because I LOVE that word and it’s totally FUN to say! Also, it sounds so much nicer than FUBARed.)

  Yep, you guessed it. I’m about to ask you guys what one word would you pick to describe you? (Oh HUSH! This isn’t Facebook, so it's totally different.)

  Whatever word you pick and whether you decide to share it with the rest of us, just remember…you are YOU and don’t allow yourself to forget that and be defined by anything less that all that entails!

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