Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Warm But A-Feared

  Good morning! Thanks to the wonders of a good night’s sleep and my never wavering support *grin* Hubby got the stove fixed and there is once more a WONDERFUL fire heating out home! *cue the choir of Thanks and Praise*
  In other news, I am now shaking for a different reason. Last Friday I received letters in the mail informing me my Mental Health and Medical evaluations for my SSD application are to be on the 29th and the 30th. *GULP*

  Yes, I am scared fartless! Yes, I am nervous and angry at knowing complete strangers are going to be sitting judgment on me. Yepers, I’m nervous as a chicken in a hatchet factory about all the stories I’ve heard. But…it’s a necessary evil.

  What’s got me more concerned than anything is the Mental Health eval. I mean, what questions are they gonna ask me? Will I be forced to reveal I write every morning…with a chicken sitting on my shoulder? Are they gonna discover I spend more time arguing with said chicken than with my teenagers? Will they inadvertently find this blog and see just how fruit-loopy I am?

  Of course, all of this could work in my favor I guess. But, then again, I do NOT wish to find myself a guest at the 72 Hour Do-Drop-Inn…(I’m REALLY not a danger to anyone except maybe my hoodies, since you can’t potty train a chicken.)

  And what if they think I’m faking? What if they don’t think the pain is as bad as it is? What if…what if…what if…Pointless, isn’t it?

  So what’s a girl to do to take her mind off of panicking? How about playing a little “Update?”

  Update #1
We FOUND the Cannoli! (Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about the Ben & Jerry’s Cannoli Ice Cream I spent half a week searching for. GEEZE!)The store where The Girl is currently employed had a few containers left and yours truly snagged the buggers right up!
  And the sweet taste of success? TOTALLY worth the wait!

*Side Note This is NOT a paid promotion or endorsement. However, if the guys from Ben & Jerry's wanna offer me something? I'd be MORE than happy to accept payment in the form of more Cannoli ice cream!

  Update #2
Jack continues to grow into the pure evil she truly is. She’d more spoiled than ANY of my offspring ever were. She throws fits when she’s locked in her cage, does a cute happy dance to convince me to let her out, and is addicted to Doritos and Cocoa Crispies.

  If anyone is eating junk food in her presence? She will LITERALLY do a mad dive to take the food right outta your mouth. PURE EVIL!

  Update #3
Currently no new glitches with B----er or Big G, but I have every confidence it’s only a matter of time.
  As creepy as it sounds, I have mentally complied a list of entities that should I ever when I achieve World Media Domination, I WILL buy controlling shares in their stock and then? I’m cleaning some SERIOUS house as only a flaring, PMSing chick can!
  Update #4 World Media Domination? Still not achieved. But fear not, I’m holding onto hope.