Saturday, January 12, 2013

Which Is Imitating Who?

  Good morning! Recently I’ve gotten more than a few e-mails asking where I come up with this shiz-nit? (I am SO hoping y’all meant it in a good “where do you come up with this shiz-nit” way and not the BAD “where do you come up with this shiz-nit” tone of voice. It’s so hard to hear inflection with an e-mail. *sigh*)
  Any-who… as I was working on this cartoon for Totally Random Shuffle Thursday evening, a familiar scenario played out on my lap. (And not the usual spill-half-my-drink-and-look-like-I-wet-myself scenario or even the drop-my-lit-cigarette-and-see-if-I-can-find-it-before-I-catch-the-house-on-fire one.)

Yeah, I know. BAD cell phone
picture. Sorry.
  Jack had been roosting happily on my shoulder until Gomez, my sweet, sinus-impaired black cat jumped onto my lap. Now, any normal person would think it a BAD turn of events because they’re thinkin’ the cat is about to attack the bird.

  Not so, my friends. Not so.

  Gomez purred and snuffled sweetly as Jack purposefully hopped down from my shoulder, walked onto my belly, and began pecking the holy schnikies outta poor Gomez’s nose! (I told you she was a spoiled, jealous little bee-yatch!)

"One false move cat, and you're MINE!"
  So there you have it. I’m not sure if it’s life imitating art or the other way around. But, the next time you wonder where I come up with this stuff? The answer is…I freakin’ live this insanity! *grin*

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