Ally And Emilio, 25 Years Later

  Yesterday I had an odd awakening of sorts. I was standing in the middle of a Comic Book store and suddenly, it hit me…The Breakfast Club, 20-some years later!

The Analogy


  Picture if you will, Ally Sheedy and Emilio Estevez’s characters, 25 years after graduation. They made it through High School and a couple years of College together, got married, and popped out some Offspring. Today, they’re just your everyday Joe’s, but the odd pairing is still, at times…odd.For instance, Alley decides she wants a Tank Girl comic because she’s having some kind of flashback (or mid-life crisis) and yearns for a piece of her youth to remind her of who she was. Or maybe it’s that their daughter has gotten into comics and Alley’s just looking for a way to bond and create those beautiful Mother-Daughter memories. (Yeah, that excuse’ll work just fine.)

So off she and The Girl go to the local Comic Book shop. Only thing is, Emilio is wanting to spend some time with the family, so he decides to go too.

  That would be how the three of them came to be standing in the middle of the Comic Shop while everyone else in the splace looks a bit skittish.

  “Why skittish,” you ask? Because even though it’s 25 years later, Emilio still carries himself like a damn Jock and looks on with amusement (and a comment or two) at the Anthony Michael Hall’s browsing in the rows.

The Reality 

Ever since hubby and I started dating, I’ve always done my utmost to hide my geekier side, for fear of some pointing-and-laughing activity. Or possibly a subconscious fear of a knee-jerk, reflex-swirly. (Ya know, just out of habit.) For the last 15 years, I thought I’d been pretty successful.

Recently, I’ve been opening the door to my long slumbering Inner-Nerd; the one who may or may not have played D&D and/or Marvel RPG’s (OK, I TOTALLY did!), and hung out with members of the Physic’s Club because I really DID think they were cool and Physic’s jokes were hilarious!

The truth is, I blame hubby for this reawakening. HE was the one who started watching The Big Bang Theory and he’s the one who’s been watching King of the Nerds. So it’s all HIS fault for releasing the power of The Nerd back into our lives.

The frustrating part is, is when you point any of this out to him, he finds it hilarious. His Inner-Emilio kicks in and takes a borderline sadistic pleasure in chuckling at Ally and Anthony Michael, OBVIOUSLY forgetting the lessons he learned in Saturday detention. *sigh*

  Which would be why THIS Ally is just gonna quietly order her comics books on-line from now on. And hope they arrive in a plain brown wrapper.

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