Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Moment Of...Magic!

A few nights ago while doing the evening bird work, I experienced a moment of such beauty, such pure magic, that I HAD to share it with you guys!
The birds were finally settling down for the evening. A few were still playing in the creek while others were slowly winding their way to nests, perches, and hidden beds, their sounds soft and soothing.
The Sun was in the midst of its last evening hoorah, throwing pastel colors across the horizon like a carefree painter finishing his swansong as the wind slid in and out of the leaves adding its melodic whispers for the perfect accompaniment.
It was as I walked the borders of our yard, intertwined in this magic, that I happened to glance over at a tree that I’d looked at everyday of my life. But this time - this night - I saw something I’d never once taken the time to notice…

This evening I saw a beautiful Lady, a rounded Goddess!

Her arms were spread wide to not only protecting her tree-home, but lovingly embracing all of creation!
I ran to the house for the camera. I had to at least try to capture even the tiniest part of this wonderment!
Upon my return I realized I’d been mistaken…

…for it wasn’t a Goddess. It was a dancer with her partner at her side, body gracefully arched as she reached for the skies! How could I have missed this before?
Frantically I collected image after image, lest the Sun move on in it’s eternal cycle and break the spell that surrounded myself and the Dancers.
It was true! Magic DID still exist for those who only took the time to look for it. Right then and there I vowed I would, from this day forth, always take the time to find what little I could.
As I moved slightly to the right in my quest for a better view of this forever-frozen pas de deux, my eyes were opened yet again.

These elegant dancers were most assuredly male and female…

…and buck-ass nekked!
Which only goes to show that I can take any scenario, statement, or beautiful moment and twist it into something TOTALLY dirty.
You’re welcome.

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