Year of the Tick

If I had Tick-like Superpowers…
  Good morning! OK, y’all KNOW I’m a serious music junkie and the last few days I’ve had Al Stewart’s song Year of the Cat

stuck in my head, only re-written as Year of the Tick.

  So far, this has been the worst year I can remember in FOR-EV-ER for stupid ticks! The eight-legged blood-suckers are flippin’ everywhere and apparently on everyone here at the ole Dean homestead. Hopefully, your neck of the woods is doing far better than mine.
  Part of the problem is it just didn’t get or stay cold enough to kill a lot of them off over the Winter. So that, combined with our uber wet Spring has kinda done us in.
  Which got me to thinking. First, I was all paranoid and nerve-wrecked since the very first one I “removed” from my person was (of course!) a Deer Tick. And it was firmly attached. With a nice chunk of my scalp in its dirty little tick-y jaws.
  So I spent the next three days forcing everyone to check my wound for any sign of a rash. Which I’d NEVER worried about before a dear friend, Cindy at Everyday Underwear, was diagnosed with Lyme Disease last year. Suddenly? The possibility was very real.

The Tick: Comic Con
Extravaganza #1

  When any form of a rash failed to appear *happy sigh* I started wondering about other things. Like, maybe…Superpowers! (Hey, didn’t you guys ever watch The Tick? Not that I did, since adults don’t watch cartoons. But I DID have to screen what my children were viewing…every Saturday morning…just in case. Right?)
  Anyway, Superpowers are a MUCH cooler option that any of the other tick borne illnesses or their symptoms. If I had mad Tick skills, I could use it as an explanation for the way I’m all round and squishy right now (Damn water retention!) Also, since The Tick wasn’t that bright, I could also explain away the brain fog as one of my trademarked powers!
  And if those reasons weren’t enough for me to hope for Tick-like Superpowers, the icing on the cake would be…the cool-ass costume! Yeah, I could definitely dig that.

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