Friday, June 28, 2013

How many times can I say “lazy” in one post?

  Good morning! Ya know what? I like to write. I know! Never would have guessed it would ya? I also dig making people laugh (preferably until coffee comes out their nose) and sometimes even helping. (If, ya know, it doesn’t require any actual physical exertion.)

  That's why jumpin’ on the bloggy wagon seemed the natural thing to do. I mean, what could possibly be more natural than sharing every deep, dark, embarrassing nook-and-cranny of your life with the entire know universe via free-writing on-line? Exactly!

  Besides, it’s not like I have to do anything more technical than write, cut-and-paste, and click the “publish” button, right? PFFT! That thought right there? Has been the basis of many a breakdown. And I’m talking my own breakdowns. (Trust me, there have been MANY!)

  Fearing yet another melt-down, I have spent the last several months ignoring the whole “Google Reader is shutting down” frenzy because, well…it’s all technical crap and I’m seriously clueless about that kinda stuff. And I’m happy to STAY clueless. After all, I know where my favorite blogs are so I’m all good. Right?

All this technical stuff?
Is about to make my head explode!
  WRONG! Oh my ever-lovin-hairy-toed-monkies, was I wrong!

  You see, a couple of weeks ago I started “dabbling.” First I FINALLY updated my browser. And all those glitches that made me hate Blogger and Big G? Disappeared! Poof. Gone.


  So I took it one step further and downloaded Feedly Reader. That was when something seriously strange happened…ever since, I’ve been able to stay caught up on my favorite blogs without spending two hours remembering where in hell I saved the stinkin’ links or arriving two days late to the party because Facebook feeds are kinda suck-i-fied.

  Why in the sacred names of Batman and Robin am I writing some stupid techie thing on Top Ten List day?

1) Because I couldn’t think of a friggin’ Top Ten List for today.
2) Because I’m too lazy (1) to think of a Top Ten List for today.
3) Because as of Monday, July 1st, Google Reader is history.
4) Everyone else is doing it and I wanted to be like the cool kids. (It’s called “peer pressure” y’all!)

  But ya know what the seriously cool thing about #4 is? I can be my own sweet, lazy (2) self and simply share the links of those other awesome posts I’ve found by people who know what the hell they’re talking about in the first place and thusly avoid doin’ any of the actual hard work myself.

  Again, SWEET!

  It seems Bloglovin’ and Feedly are the two popular girls at this here Reader Party. Personally, I’ve signed up for both of them but so far haven’t really messed with Bloglovin’ much. (I’ve also downloaded the smart-ass phone app for both even though I haven‘t been bored enough to play with them yet. See why I need real, live, other people to turn to? Because I’m a lazy (3), technical mess!)

  What I do know is the ever-brilliant Kate from Nested did a totally awesome-sauce post on BlogHer all about Bloglovin’. It's filled with humor and even has tons of pretty, shiny pictures that appeal to the Raccoon in me.

  Then *insert chorus of Angels* I found this post from Bever Diehl‘s Writing In Flow that leads you through the ins-and-outs, pros-and-cons of both Bloglovin’ and Feedly. It even includes links to yet MORE posts covering some of the other feed-reader-thingies I’ve never even heard of. (Because I am too friggin’ lazy (4) to look them up. Are we seeing a theme here?)

  You’re probably asking why I give a rat’s fuzzy nose about all this? Because it finally hit home how many folks actually use these things to keep up with favorite blogs and current news and web pages and you get the picture.

  That was about the time I developed the fear that I’d wake up Monday only to discover that all you guys had used Google Reader to keep in touch and no one would remember where the heck to find me because my dumb ass picked an URL that was so friggin’ random (it totally made sense at the time) that no one would ever guess it and I’d be here all alone, talking to myself. Which I do enough of on a daily basis anyway and I can’t even begin to imagine where I’d end up if it got any worse.

  That's why I NEED you in my life!

  That was kinda weird, wasn’t it? Yeah…sorry.

  Anyway, hopefully y’all can find something more useful than THIS post in THEIR posts and come Monday? I won’t be having coffee alone, carrying on long, two-sided conversations with myself.
This is what you find when
you close all your programs
and stuff, one of the Goblins
that lives inside the computer.
Really! No, I'm NOT making
this up! (much)

  If you’re like me (seriously tech-impaired) and sort-of clueless about what a Feed Reader is? You can find detailed descriptions here and here. Or, you can go with my definition…

  Feed Reader- Tiny Goblins that live in your computer. When properly feed with the addresses of your favorite blogs, news services, and web pages, they crawl across the interwebs in search of new content whose souls they can steal, delivering the remaining body to your Reader. Or something like that…

PS I guess I didn't say lazy (5) nearly as much as I thought I did. Huh. I could probably come up with a new title but that would require additional thought and more typing. And ya know what? I'm just too damn lazy (6) for that.

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