Saturday, June 22, 2013

If you take a Glitchy Chick with you...

  Good morning! Yesterday I accompanied my amazing Hubby to a family get-together 2 1/2 hours away. Filled with a LOT of people I didn’t know. And my phone wasn’t getting a signal so it spent the day roaming until it died an early battery-death, leaving me completely “unplugged” from home-base.

  We really did have a great time. I loved watching this guy, who spends far too much time worrying about me, come alive and the years melt away as he talked and laughed with the cousins he grew-up with, swapping stories of all the goofy-bordering-on-stupid things they did.

  That right there? Would make ANYTHING IN THE WORLD worth doing for him!

  Now, that being said, I just had to throw this out there in lieu of  Friday’s missed Top Ten List. Not quite the same, but hopefully it helps sooth the pain a teeny-tiny bit. *grin*

Sadly, due to battery-death, there were no pictures taken yesterday.
(That'll teach me to forget my charger!) This is me and Tubby
happy in my "happy place" couch nest. *contented sigh*
*I’m starting with the footnote asterisk-ized thing first. (Because it’s my post and I can break the rules if I wants to. And I do. So I will.) Let me say I find nothing funny about battling Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, or Agoraphobia. However…if I didn’t find ways to laugh at myself and situations, I’d be sporting a self-hugging jacket and minding my own business in a pleasantly padded room by now. 

  So, here I go, just trying to make a bit of sense of my world…

*If a Glitchy Chick goes with you to a reunion or two
There are gonna be some things she’ll REALLY need to do!
She’ll need a quiet corner where the traffic is slow,
So her glitches won’t glitch and her blood pressure stays low.

She’ll find a quiet seat at a picnic table out front
And she’ll hope that the house-door stays perfectly shut.
The friendly folks will find her and not want to be rude
So her in conversations, they’ll try to include.

If a Glitchy Chick goes with you, you really should know
There WILL come a time she’s gonna need to “go”.
But between her and pee-freedom surely will be
The ebb-flow-chatting tide of a people-y sea.

Though the most direct path to a potty be straight,
The chit-chat will force a choice; to bolt or to wait.
And bolting is rude, making all the people stare,
Exactly the fear that keeps ass-glued-to-chair

If you take a Glitchy Chick, you probably won’t know
It’s hard for her to eat where her glitches won’t show.
Her smile may seem warm with a sparkle in her eyes,
But panic has her throat squeezed tight as a vise.

Attempting to swallow, an "epic fail" in company
Since a closed throat reverses the law of gravity
And there’s little more worse for a Chick-On-The-Go
Than chewed food ending up a coughed-out rainbow.

If you take a Glitchy Chick to visit family,
Leaving might end up as awkward as can be.
When the rest of the crew plans to camp in the yard,
With offers and pleas, they might push really hard.

When meds are at home and your supply running low,
The fear starts to rise and your panic to show.
Excuses pop out, you’re not sure what they are
But your hubby’s now helping you into the car

So, if you know a Glitchy Chick, keep one thing in mind;
She may go, smile, and chat and have a fine time,
But when happy pills wear off and home's far away
The only thing to do is just call it a day!

The moral is short, although sweet maybe not,
But the reality here is the only one I got.
Glitches are like hemorrhoids, a pain in the ass!
But hopefully, with work, one day they will pass.

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