Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Father's Day wish

  Early last year I was floundering in Blogging-Limbo, desperately trying to figure out the ups-and-downs, ins-and-outs, and searching for what all the books referred to as my “authentic voice”. (since the one I’d been using all these years was apparently not the right one.) That was about the time I “met” Bev and an odd friendship was born.

  OK, it’s actually a normal friendship. But I ask you, who wants to read something about anything “normal”? It just doesn’t have the same “hook” factor...

  As I was saying, I was contacted by a woman named Bev. At first, it kinda looked like she was fishing for a new reader or two (or as she calls it, whoring her blog)  but I was curious enough to reply. And I am beyond grateful I did.

The only known picture of Bev.
(She's the mermaid with the massive breasts.)

  Since then we’ve had sporadic phone conversations, random Facebook messages, and a million and one conversations that were held over countless blog comment sections. I frequently refer to her as my Evil Twin and she has calls me her Blog Spouse.

  When we talk, we rarely discuss our hubbies, our conversation more often than not consisting of copious amounts of foul language, laughter, and tales of the incredibly stupid things we’ve done. And even though she rarely writes about her hubby, one post, sally, the christmas horse……, tells me everything I need to know about the guy. (Namely that he’s the kind of man that’ll save a horse from the glue factory to make his daughter happy.)

  Earlier this month a mass was discovered on her hubby’s pancreas. It turned out to be the worst kind of news, pancreatic cancer. Yesterday Bev posted  about it and the only request she made was, “i ask all of you to be kind to one another. because kindness never fades from memory , it remains around you like a shawl - a layer of love against the sorrow”. Yeah. She’s THAT kind of person.

  Today my heart is aching for my Evil-Twin-Blog-Spouse. And I know I’m not alone in this sorrow. Yesterday afternoon, Kate at Nested, a woman Bev and I secretly call our Blog-Daughter, wrote about her love for this woman and hopes for a miracle.

  Bev lives in Alberta, I live in Indiana, and Kate lives in Kentucky. We’ve never met in real life, and may never. But, we’re still family.

  Here’s where I could wax all philosophical-like about how we’re all one big human family and what affects one of us ultimately affects us all. But here’s the thing; we ARE all family. We share in each others hopes, dreams, laughter, and occasionally tears. In short, we care.

  I normally don't like to ask for things from people, but this Father’s Day I’m going to ask you for something. If you’re the praying type, regardless of what Higher Power you pray to, would you please offer up a prayer for Bev and her family and ask for a miracle? She could also use all the love and strength you can send her way.

  If you’d like to leave comments and messages of hope and support, or even just a smiley face to let her know she’s in your thoughts, I know she’d appreciate it.

  So, I wish each and every one of  you a Happy Father’s Day and, from the bottom of my heart and soul, wish for many more Father’s Day celebrations for Bev, her two daughters, and the Father in their life!