Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today? I'm flashing my foobs

Me- “Hey honey, check it out…I finally got some boobs!”

Hubby- “You’ve already got boobs and I like them just fine.

Me- “Umm…#1, Thank you. #2, you’re biased. #3, I wasn’t talking about the girls. I’m talking about my ankle boobs. The sad part is, they’re almost bigger than the other pair. Definitely perkier with a better shape…”

Hubby- “What the…You’re just nuts.”

  So to prove my point, I decided I would share them with you guys and take a poll. No, I’m NOT flashing my mommy sad-sacks at ya, but I WILL flash my…

  What he hell do I call them? Ankle boobs…foot boobs…bankles…FOOBS! I gots foobs, y’all!

  After I took the first set of pictures, I kinda felt all dirty like posting them. So, I added a string bikini, since I’ve never worn one in public. (Hey, after four pregnancies? I have stretch marks that spell out “Goodyear” running down the sides of my torso!)

  So now I’m wondering…does my foobs coming in mean I’ve reached the end of my second childhood and am crossing into foot puberty? Because honestly, one puberty of ANY kind was MORE than enough!

  Besides, I already have enough muscle spasms for an army and can’t even begin to think what I’d be like to add footstral cramps in on top of it. (Yep. I went there.) (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

  The real question here? Do ya think I need to get them a training bra?

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