Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm too lazy to be a cannibal

  Good morning! I think the Hubby is currently afraid to go to sleep because he's worried he may wake up a main course or something. No, that is NOT as random as it sounds. There’s a very good reason behind it.

  Wait. Scratch that. I didn’t mean there’s a good reason for him to worry about waking up a main course, just that under the circumstances his fear of BEING a main course is totally reasonable. (That didn’t really sound much better, did it?)

  OK, The Girl and I have been on a Hannibal Lecter kick. We’ve recently worked our way through Hannibal Rising, the first season of Hannibal, Manhunter, and Red Dragon. Which is why Hubby is feeling a bit nervous. Which is completely ridiculous!

  I keep telling him to look at it from my side of things; if I won’t cook a box of easy mac-n-cheese, does he REALLY think I’ll stand up long enough to cook something all gourmet and shit AFTER I've “removed and cleaned” the ingredients for the dish?

  NOW you see my point!

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