Nothin’ says “gratitude” like Spider-man

  Good morning!  Is there a word for someone who may or may not be ever so slightly addicted to apps? Ya know, like they’re completely app-happy over their app-tastic collection of app-a-teasing apps? Maybe an app-hoarder? Because I am TOTALLY, apps-down, THERE! (OK. I’ll stop now. Promise.)

  Last year I did a Top Ten List about all the weird muscle twitches a person could have which included the dreaded eyeball twitch. Well, lately the whole eyeball thing has gone so far off the charts, I’m upgrading it from a “twitch” to a “twerk“.

  This would be nothing more than a cool-ass way to freak the shiz-nit outta drunk peoples at parties, if it wasn’t for the way it apparently takes the ever-present vertigo by the hand, walks it down the garden path, and makes sweet, sweet love to it. (Yeah, I really got no explanation for that last analogy. It’s just…WRONG!) The result of this unholy union is *insert Scooby Doo reveal music here* MEGA-VERTGO!

  Apparently my poor eyeball muscles have gone the way of my thigh muscles and when they get the least little bit tired? They go on strike leaving me with eyes that are acting like two year olds and only doing WHAT they want WHEN they want. Basically, my world ends up looking like a Salvador Dali painting riding a wave machine.

  Soooo…I’ve been spending a LOT of time on my back, since I walk into far fewer walls and other stationary items that decide to leap in front of me at the last minute. (I bet you can’t even begin to imagine how much fun I am at a grocery store right about now!)

  I’ve already shared my mild photo editing app and Bitstrip addiction, but lately I’ve been playing with the apps that are supposed to make communicating with friends easier. (See? I may have taken the scenic route to the app tie-in, but we’re finally there.) Can we just say I’ve had what you could call “limited success”.

OK, so I forgot to take my
headphones off…it’s just
one of those days. *sigh*

  For one thing, these stupid things (currently playing with Viber and Skype) apparently only work if the friends you’re trying to communicate with have the same app. Then there’s the learning curve, since reading the directions is basically against my personal code of ethics. (When you’re a born button-pusher, silly things like directions just jam your flow!)

  What does it all mean? I’M BORED! I am SO freakin’ BORED, I’m losing what little mind I have left! (which really isn’t much, but it’s all I gots. *deep sigh*

  I need help. No, not with kicking the apps, (What kind of monster ARE you!?!) but with suggestions for MORE! What are your favorites (that in no way, shape, or form involve the words “candy crush” or “angry birds”)? Which ones are the most fun? Which ones would you avoid at all costs?

  I figure I’m not the only one currently going stir crazy, so maybe we can share the love and save a little of someone’s mind. Because…(wait for it) sharing IS caring.

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