Friday, December 13, 2013

You can blame the PMS if you want, but sometimes ya just gotta go with the biting sarcasm.

  “Holy pigeon noses and reindeer toes, Batman! She’s gone rogue!!”

  “Yes, Robin. I think she has. And Robin? We REALLY need to get you a thesaurus for Christmas. You could use some serious help with your excited outbursts. I mean really, pigeon noses? I’m a little embarrassed that people know I‘m your mentor.” *sigh*

  Good morning! Well, I really did it THIS time guys. I possibly cut my nose off to spite my face…and it feels AWE-SOME!

  Tuesday, instead of writing per my usual routine, I spent the morning manually deleting 22 blog posts from BlogHer. (Hellz, I would have simply deleted my account, but after 45 minutes of searching for any conceivable way of doing just that, I gave up and simply edited-out every bit of info it allowed me to.) Umm, I also deleted my SheWrites account. Because I’m just a rebel (without a clue) like that. Because I’m all edgy and a square peg in a round hole world…

  “Why in the name of Walter Cronkite would you do such a thing,” you ask? Because it made me happy!

  A couple of years ago when I first started this thing, it was because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I KNEW what I wanted to do and exactly how I was gonna do it. There was much happiness and contentment in my corner of the Universe and the word flow was easy.

  Then…something changed. Friends kept telling me I needed to “increase my readership,” so I bought one of those infamous “How To” books (and we all know NOTHING good EVER comes from me reading THOSE things!) and TRIED to follow the yellow brick road. Only, instead of the merry old land of OZ, I ended up on WTF Island.

  So I read more books, blogs that imparted their wisdom of how to succeed, joined LinkedIn, and generally did what all the successful people told me to do. You know where it all landed me? Confused and miserable as fuck!

  Then, a few days ago whilst talking to a friend, the clouds parted, the Sun shone down, and the answer rolled from my fingers. (Because we were actually chatting online instead of talking. But “chatting online” takes longer to type, so I figured I’d just go with “talking” because it’s so much simpler.)

  As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, we were talking about why I wanted to jump off the Merry-Go-Round of these blogging sites. My response was one of my few, true AH-HA! moments. “I don’t write things to get rich or change the world. I just want to write things to maybe change people’s day. BlogHer, to me, represents everything I‘m not and don‘t want to be. That‘s why I want to delete it.”

  You see, despite what these too-numerous-to-count-lets-support-our-fellow-bloggers-for-the-betterment-of-all sites profess, the things they generally have in common are 50 million recipes a day, more give-aways than I could enter in a year, product reviews and sponsored posts for items that most folks would generally only care about if they were the ones being paid to write them, and either the self-aggrandizing or self-depreciating Mommy posts. (Because no one can be “just a mom” anymore.)

  It appears as if it's gotten to the point that tragically few want to write for the pure love of writing! So delete I did. (To the best of my tech impaired ability.)

  I think my parents may have been right with their favorite nag while I was growing up, “Your problem is you don’t have any goals or a drive to succeed, you just wanted to have fun.” Man, do I ever!

  To me writing is fun. Laughing is fun. Making other people laugh is fun. Fart jokes are fun. (Duh!) Dressing like a colorblind bag lady because that’s just “me” is fun. Being myself without worrying if it’s the right thing to be in order to make some bank or get published is TOTALLY fun. And life is too damn short to not have all the fun you can!

  Ya know, reading back over this? It would appear that “bucking the system” and “upsetting the status quo” are my favorite ways to have a good time. (Huh…who knew?) But then again, the way I sees it, what's a system there for if not to buck every once in a while?

  (Outside of potentially ticking off 75% of the people in your peer group,) what’s your idea of how to have fun?

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