Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm not making any promises, but I'll give it a shot (or Why the F-bomb probably isn't what they had in mind)

Good morning and welcome to the first official post of 2014! How many of you have been seeing (or participating) in the whole One Word 365 or One Word project? I mean, ever since the clock hit 12:01 on January 1st, my feed has been cluttered with people posting “words.”

I have no clue what it all means, but I figured, “Why the hell not?” After all, not knowing what I’m doing has never stopped me from doing it before, so here it is…

I decided to stick to the One word 365, since the other one required I read a book. And reading an entire book just so I can figure out how to pick ONE SINGLE WORD? Seemed like WAY too much work for me. (Maybe my word should be “unlazy.” Which is totally a real word because I just used it, so bite me spellcheck!)

The concept would appear to be to forget about New Year’s resolutions (which I generally do anyway) and to pick one word to focus on for the entire year. The whole idea of incorporating it into every part of your life, living intentionally (as opposed to unintentionally, which implies I’m pretty much living by accident, which kinda sums up my entire existence), and committing to being part of a global tribe thingy sort of confuses me. But you guys know me, I’m ALWAYS game for trying out something new and totally confusing.

So I was checking out the website and there’s also this bit about it becoming, “...your compass that directs your decisions and guides your steps….”  (Does this make anyone else feel like they’ve fallen down the Deepak Chopra rabbit hole?) Usually, my point of destination (ie Wal-Mart, the feed store, chocolate) guides my steps, which takes me back to the square-one confusion.

Unless, of course, they’re speaking metaphorically. In which case, they need to make it clearer for those of us who are feeling rather literal this early in the morning.

But what word should I choose? I do have my one favorite word in the whole wide existence of the universe ever that I use about a million times a day AND it can be used as any part of a sentence, making it THE quintessentially PERFECT word! I’m just thinking “fuck” is not what the originators of this thing had in mind.

I could go with “humor,” “laughter,” “chaos,” or “dumbass,” but it would feel like cheating since any one of them describes my life as-is, thus negating the possibility of self-improvement.

I could try out “committed” or “focussed” but these would feel WAY too much like New Year’s resolutions (and/or work). Besides, I’m trying to find something I could actually manage to do.

And that was when I remembered my thumb ring. It’s a simple, beat-up, silver band that displays one single word, “Faith.” When I can manage to pry it off my water-retaining thumb, the inside proclaims, “Live by Faith, Not by Sight.”


Me thinks I might have just found my word. After all, I already unintentionally incorporate this word into basically everything I do.

I have faith that I’m almost as funny as I think I am. I have faith that my body is secretly plotting against me in my sleep. I have faith that humanity doesn’t suck nearly as bad as the news makes it look like it does. I have faith that somewhere, somehow, I’m leaving the world a teeny-tiny bit better than I found it.

Would it be cheating to simply bring the word to the front of my brain? Possibly, but I’m a gonna do it anyways!

So here it is, I’ll (try to remember to) give this thing a go, even though it violates my personal rule of being a rebel and stuff. Although I’m warning you, if I start wearing a lot of white and braiding flowers in my hair? All bets are off!

So what do ya think? What one word would you pick? (And I’m TOTALLY cool if anyone wants to use my favorite word. Really!)

PS Please ignore the minor formatting issues. I'm trying to figure out what the heck, but we all know I have NO IDEA what I'm doing here, so...Sorry!